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JOTWANI ASSOCIATES is a law firm based in India having international clientele in the jurisdiction of United States, Canada, Australia, India, Europe , Singapore, China and Japan. It caters to almost all important facets of laws in these jurisdictions and specializes in Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Corporate Laws, Designs, Litigation (Civil & Criminal) in Indian courts, Indian Government Relations & Policy. JOTWANI ASSOCIATES is professionally managed by engineers, lawyers and Financial Analysts, who provide global legal services on 24 x 7 basis.

The law firm has a strong Patent practice and caters to technologies in the area of electronics, software, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, mechanical, electrical. It provides legal services like Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Preparation, Patent Writing, Patent Valuation, Patent Prosecution and Patent Litigation. Jotwani Associates represents several international law firms to provide Patent Prosecution services at the India Patent Office. The Associates in the law firm also conduct several educational workshops (brainstorming sessions) for Inventors and young engineers who are keen to see their ideas get converted into Patent Applications. These workshops help bring in the culture of Innovation in an organization.

The law firm India offer legal services in search, filing, prosecution and registration of Trademarks at USPTO, India , Australia , United Kingdom , and Canada Trademark Office. Jotwani Associates represents several international law firms to provide Trademark Prosecution services at the India Trademark Office. The law firm in India remotely assists its global clients in Trademark Watch & Trademark Analysis. The Indian law firm also analyses a bunch of Trademarks against a target mark and furnishes Legal Opinion in this regard.

India is a signatory to Berne Convention and therefore no specific Copyright Registration requirement follows for internationally registered works. However, the law firm India has a strong legal practice of Copyright Enforcement (also called Anti Piracy) representing several known products in market. The Asia Pacific market has a huge problem of piracy and its investigative wing keeps a watch for piracy of several products in the emerging markets. From investigation to litigation, to a civil or criminal raid, the law firm in India keeps coordination between all Government agencies like Courts, public prosecutors, police, CBI, etc.

Related to Copyright law is the Design Registration in India . Global multinational companies and corporate use fast & economical legal services of the Indian law firm to register their international designs and brands in India . The Designs in India are registered under the Designs Act, 1911 for which an application is required to be filed at the Indian Patent Office. A normal period of Design registration in India is 6 months. The law firm India offer a very strong practice in the area of Design registration.The law firm India offers various services for making designs using available commercial software. Patent Attorney, Designers can use the services of draftsman in highly cost effective manner.

Jotwani Associates is amongst the best law firms in India to provide legal services in the area of Corporate Law. The legal services include incorporation of a company, registration & name search for a company in India , Legal Drafting of Memorandum & Articles of the Company. The law firm India also provides for active support to companies during mergers & acquisitions. The law firm in India further provides for due diligence reports and Legal Opinions in a timely fashion. It liaisons with various Government authorities like, RBI, STPI, ROC, SEZ, Customs that are required at the time of establishment of new companies in India. As a part of its corporate law practice, the law firm in India provides legal opinion on Real Estate, property and facilities in India . No doubt that Real Estate acquisitions and leasing is one of the complex legal challenge for corporate sector in India .

The law firm India has handled and won several high profile media catching litigation matters. It deals with litigation in various Courts in India – including Supreme Court of India, High Courts of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai; Company Law Board, tax authorities, Custom Tribunals, Employment Tribunals (Also called labor tribunals). The law firm India also engages outside Senior Counsels and Attorneys to represent high profile matters involving multi million dollars legal suits in India . From its law firm in India , it also supports legal actions in terms of research on various legal database and drafting for United States Courts.

The law firm emphasis a lot on confidentiality. Even within teams working internally strong firewalls exists, so that one legal team is unable to know about other team’s clients or projects. This is a main reason that the law firm takes a pride in mentioning that it has a 100% repeat clientele for its various legal services. As one senior executive of a California based company remarked, “Using this Indian law firm is an addiction”.



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