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Corporate Law Firm


Sector 16 Noida
Uttar Pradesh [India]


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We are a corporate law firm and we provide the total solution for all your legal problems. As a legal service provider we aim at providing the best quality of services to our clients at the lowest rates. We provide the solution to the ever expanding litigation cost and other costs over legal heads, of a company without affecting the interests of the company.

We understand that every company / organization has its specific needs and we adapt ourselves to those specific needs. Our researchers are working on different areas of law and are capable to provide pragmatic solution to any legal problem.


We rely on extensive research routines and 7 years of past experiences to fuel our thought leadership. Our services can be used as a complete outsource outlet or integrated with your in-house team. Before we take on a new project, we evaluate…

• Your needs and problems
• Your expected delivery date
• Your available resources
• The impact we can make on your business.

Also, we encourage constant communication. We want to know how big of an impact we made on your business 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year after the project. We want to be the organization you trust with new business problems or when you want to share a victory. Above all, we believe in people doing business together, not faceless paper-trailed entities.

Our associates are working in different courts of NCR and are well versed to face the day to day problems of that particular court. Besides taking up the cases in courts we also provide the services which are very necessary for the growth of the business such as vetting and drafting of contracts, due compliance of various laws necessary for the growth of the business, making of various proposals for taking the credit facility from the financial institutions, registration of Patents & Trademarks. We have our offices in Delhi and are managed not only by the legal professional but also by the experts of business fields.


We are here to make the cumbersome process of law easy for you and as a service provider we work with a thought that quality and productivity should meet the requirements of clients in a given frame of time.

These three parameters really measure the performance of a service provider.

Areas of Practice:
Competition LawTradeBanking and Finance Law
Banking LawCorporate FinanceFinance
Financial Services LawInvestment LawPublic Finance
Business and Industry LawBusiness FormationBusiness Law
Commercial LawContractsCorporate Governance
Corporate LawFranchisingJoint Ventures
Civil Rights LawConstitutional LawConsumer Law
Human RightsNative PopulationsPrivacy Law
AdvertisingMarketing LawMedia
Employee BenefitsEmployees RightsGeneral Practice Law
Insurance and Reinsurance LawCopyrightDomain Names
Intellectual Property LawLicensing LawPatents
Trade SecretsTrademarkArbitration
Business LitigationCommercial LitigationCorporate Litigation
Financial LitigationNonprofit Organizations LawCorporate Taxation
Tax Law