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632, Western Wing, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi-110054, Delhi, Delhi [India]

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Jurix Solution is a full service Law Firm established with aim to provide prompt and quality service to all business setup as well as individuals. The Firm has professionals comprising of experienced Advocates panels all over India from various disciplines to provide a wide range of Legal services i.e., Corporate, Commercial, Financial, Labor, Constitutional, Criminal, Civil, Consumer Law, Real Estate Matter, Banking & Insurance, Matrimonial, Property, Arbitration etc.
Our workforce comprises eminent lawyers and advocates having expertise in handling matters before the District Courts, High Court, Tribunals, Commissions and the Supreme Court of India. We follow highest standards of ethics in our endeavor to offer excellent legal assistance to our clients based across the country. Our clear loyalty and commitment to protect their interests has been unparalleled throughout these years. As a result of this, we have been able to deliver successful and pragmatic outcomes for our clients.
Jurix Solution has been recognized for its research abilities right from its inception. We are convinced that research plays a fundamental role in making a law firm grow and expand in the ever growing complex business and legal environment. We attribute considerable part of our Law Firmís growth and success to our research abilities. Our methodology for undertaking research initiatives has been highly planned, programmed, systematic and result oriented. We are committed to pass on the benefits of our research efforts to all our clients.
Since Jurix deal with information that is highly confidential, Jurix Solution implements a variety of physical and electronic measures designed to protect such information. Jurix guarantees the confidentiality to its clients.
Service: Arbitration , Banking, Civil, Commercial, Constitutional, Consumer Law, Corporate, Criminal, Financial, Insurance, Labor, Matrimonial, Property, Real Estate Matter, Writ Petition etc.
Free Legal Aid: Jurix Solution campaigns for a comprehensive legal aid service. The core service is to supply free legal assistance to Indians who live at or below the poverty level and cannot afford to hire a lawyer when confronted with a legal problem. Our lawyers provide information and referral that individuals may employ to receive guidance on their legal needs.
As a part of our objectives and philosophy, we have commenced services of providing free legal aid to persons/corporations who do not wish to incur legal costs initially. We make available free legal advice on Indian laws. We consider it necessary to provide some level of legal aid to persons otherwise unable to afford legal representation.
We at Jurix Solution, in salutation of the Constitution of India, try to serve the society as a conscientious corporate citizen.



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